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LLE client testimonials

“We were the architects retained on behalf of IRD Kiltimagh to design and supervise the refurbishment and extension of The Town Hall Theatre, Kiltimagh.

Luxury Living Éireann were the contractors selected to carry out the project. We can confirm the project was completed within budget and within the agreed programme of works. Furthermore we were satisfied the work was carried out to a good standard and would be happy to work with LLÉ in future projects.”

John Halligan Architects

Solar Heating

Luxury Living Éireann are registered installers of solar energy for the SEAI scheme. With numerous solar panels installed all over Ireland. We are unrivalled in quality, experience and service. We supply a wide range of solar water heating systems from flat plate panels to evacuated tube solar panels suitable for any building and at a price to suit every budget.

LLÉ are accredited installers of Joule solar and hot water systems. With over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing, Joule offer an unrivalled service in terms of product design and quality.

Payback on solar systems

Payback is particular to a number of variables:
1. Cost of installation
2. Cost of the fossil fuel energy the solar energy is replacing
3. Cost of the fossil fuel energy supply in the future
4. The potential operational life of the system you are installing

It is a difficult calculation as you need accurate figures for your existing energy costs and for the future. SEAI provide a guide calculator which can give you an idea of the possible benefit and payback a solar heating system can provide to your household. Click here for the SEAI calculator.

The Irish government has made grants available to help people pay for installation of Solar Energy Installations. The scheme called the Better Energy Homes Scheme is available to all homes built before 2006. A grant of €800 is available for Solar Energy Installations.

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